Ordinance Limiting the Movement of Jews in Belgium

(August 29, 1941)

By virtue of authority bestowed by the Chief Commander of the Army, the following is ordered for Belgium:

Par. 1

It is forbidden for Jews to travel out of their houses between the hours of 20:00 and 07:00 (Par. 1 of the ordinance of October 28, 1940, concerning the Jews - Ordinance Bulletin of the Military Commander, Section 20, No. 1).

Par. 2

It is forbidden for Jews to settle in any other community other than Brussels, Antwerp, Liege and Charleroi.

Par. 3

Violations of the clauses of this ordinance will be punished by imprisonment and fine or by only one of the above penalties.

Par. 4

The present ordinance will go into effect upon its publication.

On behalf of the Military Commander of Belgium and Northern France

The Chief of the Military Administration

Source: Yad Vashem