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Israel War of Independence:
The Second Truce

(July 18, 1948)

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The second truce went into effect on 18 July at exactly 1900 hours. As in the first truce, violations from both sides were being made already on the day of its commencement. The Arab Legion, for example intensified its bombardment of the New City and continued to do so well into the months of July, August, September and October.

The city of Jerusalem suffered extensive damage as a result of the shelling, mortaring and machine-gun fire it fell victim to almost nightly. On 12 August, the Legion demolished the Latrun pumping station, despite the fact that it was under UN control. In response, Israel speedily laid a pipeline along the Burma Road which served to keep Jerusalem supplied with water. The attacks stopped only on November 30, when both sides agreed to a "sincere cease-fire."

Sources: IDF

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