U.S. Cities That Would Be Within Gaza Rocket Range

(November 19, 2012)

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If the same rockets used by Hamas were fired between U.S. cities, these are some of the targets that would be within range:

From Launch Site to Target Distance Rocket Capable of Hitting Target
Gaza to Tel Aviv 64 km Fajr 5
Baltimore to Washington DC 54 km Fajr 5
Santa Monica to Los Angeles 18 km  
Long Beach to LA 30 km Grad
Miami to Fort Lauderdale 40 km Grad
Dallas to Fort Worth 49 km Fajr 5
Albany to Schenectady, NY 23 km Grad
New York City to Queens
20 km Grad and Qassam
Chicago to Gary, IN 41 km Fajr 5

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