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Pre-State Israel:
Photographs from 1929 Arab Riots

(August 1929)

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The Arab riots that erupted in 1929 - also known as the Western Wall Riots - were the result of disputes between Muslims and Jews over access to the Western Wall in Jerusalem. Demonstrations escalated to weeks of riots and violence beginning in August of 1929.
Synagogue (left, center) and Jewish home (right) desecrated and plundered by Arab rioters in Hebron.
A large Torah scroll can be seen in a jumbled heap on the floor in the middle picture.

Jewish colony of Artuf set on fire by Arabs.

An Arab "protest gathering" in session. In the Rawdat el Maaref hall.

Mosque desecrated through Jewish retaliation. The Awkashi mosque near a Jewish quarter of Jerusalem.

Desecrated graves in the Awkashi shrine. Demolished by Jews [Jerusalem].

Jewish families fleeing from the Old City with bag and baggage at Jaffa Gate, Jerusalem.

British troops at Jaffa Gate on guard during outbreak with steel helmets and fixed bayonets.

Display of military force in Jerusalem. Troops in full kit marching through the streets.

His Eminence the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. Haj Amin Effendi el-Husseini.

Sources: Library of Congress

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