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Pre-State Israel:
Nebi Samwil

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Following the capture of Beer Sheva by British forces on October 31, 1917, General Edmund Allenby led his troops on a grueling trek through Israel's hills to Jerusalem. This journey culminated in the battle of Nebi Samwil, the first attempt by the British empire to capture Jerusalem, which took place from November 17-24, 1917. The British sustained 2,000 casualties, but killed and captured many more Ottomans along with artillery and equipment. On November 21, 1917, Nebi Samwil was captured by the 234th brigade, 17th division. After losing Nebi Samwil Ottoman forces attempted for two weeks to retake the town, eventually failing.

Turkish troops dug in at Nebi Samuel, 1917
(Library of Congress)

The Nebi Samuel shrine before the battle, 1917
(Library of Congress)

The Nebi Samuel shrine after the battle, 1917
(Library of Congress)

General Allenby entering Jerusalem December 11, 1917
(Library of Congress)

Source: Library of Congress

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