Israeli Losses in Lebanon


Israel Defense Forces Chief-of-Staff Shaul Mofaz said on January 3, 2000, that 1999 was "the IDF's most successful year in Lebanon, in every parameter — including a comparison of our losses to those of our enemy," and described the IDF's activities in southern Lebanon as "a very great achievement that any army would be glad to have," HA’ARETZ reported.

Twelve IDF soldiers and one Israeli civilian died in Lebanon in 1999; one of them was killed as the result of an accident during an operation. The exact number of Hizbullah and Amal casualties is unknown, but runs into the several dozens.

From 1994-98, the IDF lost an average of 20-25 soldiers per year in Lebanon (excluding the 73 soldiers lost in the Sha'ar Yeshuv helicopter disaster in early 1997).

Source: Israeli Foreign Ministry