Report Shows Jews Elected to Governments Around the Globe

(January 5, 2006)

A study conducted by an American Jewish organization found that there are 214 elected Jews serving in governments throughout the world. The Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth printed the findings of the study, although no name of any Jewish official was published out of fear of what could happen if their names reached "hostile elements."

Great Britain has more Jews elected to its parliament than any other country, with 61 Jews occupying legislative positions. There are 7 Jewish Barons, 37 Lords, and 17 Members of Parliament. Trailing Great Britain is the United States, with 37 officials, followed by France and Ukraine who have 15 elected Jews each. Brazil has 11 Jewish members of its parliament.

The United States, which ranks second in the number of Jewish lawmakers in government behind Great Britain, has currently 37 Jewish officials, 11 Senators and 26 Congressmen. To read more about past and present American Jewish members of Congress, click here.

The Jewish Agency, the Knesset, the Ministry of Tourism and the World Jewish Congress have organized a convention for Jewish government officials from 28 nations to come together in Jerusalem in 2006. The convention will be a collaboration focused on how to best fight anti-Semitism throughout the world, how to promote interfaith solidarity, and how to best serve the world's poor.

Source: Itamar Eichner, “The Chosen People,” Ynetnews, (January 4, 2006)