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The War of Independence:
Operation “Horev”

(December 22, 1948 - January 7, 1949)

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During the Israeli War of Independence in October 1948, Operation Horev was a wide scale attack against the Egyptian army in the Western Negev. The operation started on December 22, 1948, and ended on January 7, 1949, with the Israeli Defence Forces putting foot into the Sinai Peninsula.

The name is that given in Scripture for Mount Sinai, now the modern range called the Jebel Musa (Mount of Moses in Arabic) where the Jews encamped for a year (Exodus 3:1 and Psalms 106:19).

The operation was a success, and Israeli deep raids into the Nitzana and Sinai peninsula forced the Egyptian army to withdraw and accept cease-fire. Israeli withdrew from Sinai and Gaza under international pressure.

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