Israel’s Proposed Security Fence

In May 2002, as the frequency of suicide attacks increased, the Israeli government decided to begin building a partial fence along the Green Line borders with the West Bank. A similar fence has been successful in preventing infiltration from the much smaller Gaza Strip. The maps below shows the initial fence plan, composed of existing barriers and new ones.

The first phase of the fence (see below), begun June 16, 2002, is to run from the Salem checkpoint in the north to Kafr Qasem in the south, while another stretch of fence is planned for the Jerusalem area. The length of the entire fence is around 115 kilometers, and it will cost around $1 million per kilometer.

First Stage

Second Stage

The Complete Route
(as of February 20, 2005)
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The map below shows additional fencing planned for Jerusalem, in this stage, and future extensions of the fence at the northern border with the West Bank. The map also shows the existing barriers. This map was prepared earlier and does not show the entire length of the propose construction.

Proposed Route of Fence Around Jerusalem



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