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Maps of the Middle East, BCE:
The Assyrian Empire under Tilgat-Pileser III

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Tiglat-Pileser III performed several campaigns to reassert his sovereignty over vassal kingdoms. He carried out two deportations of Israelites: “Tiglat-Pilne’'eser king of Ashur carried them away, even the Re’uveni, and the Gadi, and the half-tribe of Menasheh, and brought them to Chalach, and Chavor, and Hara, and to the river of Gozan” (1Chronicles 5:26), that was the deportation of the Tribes on the eastern side of the Jordan; “In the days of Pekach king of Israel came Tiglat-Pil’eser king of Ashur, and took ’Iyon, and Avel-Beit-Ma’akhah, and Yano’ach, and Kedesh, and Chatzor, and Gil’ad, and the Galil, all the land of Naftali; and he carried them captive to Ashur” (2Kings 15:29); that was the deportation of the northern Tribes, that did not affect Efrayim and western Menasheh.

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