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The War of Attrition:
Israel Accepts U.S. Cease-Fire Initiative

(July 31, 1970)

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On 31 July, Israel accepted the United States initiative. A day earlier, President Nasser, who at first declined to accept a cease-fire unless Israel withdrew from all the territories it occupied in 1967, moderated his attitude and agreed to a ninety-day cease-fire. He also accepted the stipulated stand-still zone extending 50 kilometres to the east and west of the Suez Canal, where there would be no change in the military status quo. Text of the Government's statement:

1. Having considered the appeals of the President of the USA, and while continuing its commitment to its basic policy guidelines and authorized statements, the Government has resolved to reply affirmatively to the latest peace initiative of the Government of the US and to designate, at the appropriate time, a representative for peace negotiations without prior conditions under the auspices of Ambassador Jarring, within the framework of Security Council Resolution 242, and with the aim of reaching a binding, contractual peace agreement between the parties.

2. Israel's position in respect of a cease-fire on all fronts, including the Egyptian front, on a basis of receiprocity, in accordance with the Resolution of the Security Council, remains in force. Taking into account the clarifications provided by the Government of the US on the subject, Israel is prepared to reply affirmatively to the proposal of the US concerning a cease-fire (for three months at least) on the Egyptian front.

Sources: Israeli Foreign Ministry

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