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Jewish Holiday Foods:

Holiday Foods: Table of Contents | Passover | Rosh HaShanah

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Purim, which celebrates the triumph of Queen Esther over Haman, should include drinking enough wine so that it is difficult to distinguish between Mordechai and Haman, the hero and villain of the celebration. Aside from the wine, however, there are other traditional elements of a Purim meal.

The following recipes, all Mediterranean in origin, call for the use of wine or brandy. Served together, these serve as a celebratory Purim dinner party. While no one will become tipsy on the meal, the wines suggested as accompaniments to each course will be no more or less intoxicating than we allow them to be.

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Broccoli in White Wine

Brisket of Beef in Wine

Cherries in Rum

Cinnamon Wine Soup

Hamentaschen Cookies

Sources: Embassy of Israel; Israeli Foreign Ministry; Rogov's Ramblings- Reprinted with permission.

Daniel Rogov is the restaurant and wine critic for the daily newspaper Ha'aretz. He is also the senior writer for Wine and Gourmet Magazine and contributes culinary and wine articles to newspapers in Europe and the United States.

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