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Israel Science & Technology:
Microsoft & Israel

(Updated January 2014)

Science & Technology: Table of Contents | Introduction | High-Tech Sector

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Israel is currently home to one of Microsoft's three strategic global research and development centers. The Microsoft Israel center is home to some of the company's most exciting and innovative technologies.

The Microsoft-Israel center is comprised of core product efforts and incubations in the areas such as big data and business intelligence, cloud, machine learning and personalization.

Relying on its original R&D operation which was founded in 1991 and tapping into Israel's deep technological talent pool and its thriving high-tech community, Microsoft inaugurated in April 2006 the Israel Research & Development Center as a significant expansion of the scope and nature of its technology activities in Israel. The Israel R&D Center is strategically situated in two main locations - in Herzeliya, heartland of Israel's high tech industry and in Haifa, home to many graduates of the Technion, Israel's leading technology university. Both of these locations are now home to many prominent venture capital firms and multinational companies with their own research centers.

Some of the prominent innovations that have come out of Microsoft's Israel R&D center include the disk compression and antivirus components of Microsoft's DOS-6 operating system and a bidirectional Windows operating system and Hebrew Windows developed for Microsoft by Kivun Computers.

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