Israel At 50 Economic Statistics

Israel's Gross Domestic Product per capita increased by almost 500% since 1950 to reach $17,000. While the GDP per capita was only 30% of what it was in the United States in 1948; today it stands at 65% of the American level. Israel's current GDP per capita is similar to that of Britain, Finland and Ireland.

From 1950-1997, Israel's GDP grew by an annual average of 7%. From 1950-1965, labor production grew by an annual rate of 12%; from 1966-1972 between 5-6% and during the past few years between 0-2% annually. The use of resources available to the economy has also changed dramatically. In the early years of statehood, 25% of the resources available went toward investment, by 1997, this figure had dropped to 15%. In 1997, approximately 22% of all resources went toward export production compared to only 3% in 1950.

Source: Central Bureau of Statistics.