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Terrorism Against Israel: Days of Rage (October 2015 - Present)

June 2016

Palestinian leaders stoked the flames of violence during September and October 2015, spreading false information about Israel's actions surrounding the Temple Mount. Mahmoud Abbas stated that Israelis were “desecrating” Muslim holy sites the al-Aqsa Mosque and Church of the Holy Sepulchre with their “filthy feet,” and encouraged Palestinians to carry out acts of violence against Jewish Israelis. The wave of violence experienced during late 2015 was due mostly to a Palestinian perception that the Israelis were going to somehow change the rules of who could access the Temple Mount, undermining Muslim supremacy at the holy site. The Israeli government issued official statements clarifying that there was no intention of changing the status-quo at the Temple Mount, but Palestinian leaders continued to incite violence against Israeli Jews through speeches and posts on social media. Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh declared Friday, October 9, to be a “day of rage... a day that will represent that start of a new Intifada in all the land of Palestine.” (Independent, October 9, 2015) U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon travelled to Israel in attempts to quell the violence on October 20. The Israeli Knesset passed a law on November 3, 2015, imposing a mandatory minimum 3-year sentence for stone-throwers who fling rocks at Israelis.

Undercover Israeli troops raided a hospital in the West Bank on November 11, 2015, searching for an individual who was suspected of stabbing an Israeli during the previous week. The security forces entered the hospital under the guise of escorting a pregnant woman in a wheekchair, but soon pulled out guns and began searching for their target. They eventually found the room of the man they were looking for, 27-year old Azzam al-Shalada, and burst inside to apprehend him. When his cousin, Abdallah, emerged from the bathroom soon after the soldiers arrived in the room, he was shot five times and died.

Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported on June 30, 2016, that there had been 153 stabbings, 76 attempted stabbings, 94 shootings, 45 vehicular attacks, and one bus bombing targetted at Israelis during the recent uptick in violence begining on October 1. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry travelled to Israel in November 2015 for the first time in over a year, with plans of meeting with Netanyahu and strategizing to stop the wave of violence. Kerry asked the Israelis to discontinue construction of settlements on disputed land, and stressed that the Palestinian leaders needed to stop incitement of violence against Israelis.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has repeatedly referred to these stabbing attacks as a “justified, popular uprising,” and has praised the bravery of the attackers. While on a visit to the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lampur, Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal stated on December 10, 2015, that, “The so-called peace process is futile. There is no peace. Only the path of Jihad, sacrifice, and blood will bear fruit.” Members of the Palestinian Authority governing cabinet placed condolence calls to families of Palestinians who were killed by Israeli police after stabbing, shooting, or ramming Israeli citizens with their cars.

The government of the Jerusalem municipality began installing special additional shielding at 300 bus stops in the capital during December 2015. Due to the recent wave of attacks, steel columns were erected surrounding certain bus stops to deter terrorists from launching car-ramming attacks against Israelis waiting for their bus.

Israel's Shin Bet security agency announced on February 12, 2016, that the number of attacks during January had decreased by 32%, bringing the total number of attacks for that month back to a level that was observed prior to September 2015. There were 169 attacks by Palestinians directed at Israelis during January 2016, compared to 246 similar incidents during December 2015. Although these attacks were less frequent in January, they were in fact deadlier, with five Israelis being killed in attacks in January and three being killed in December.

According to data compiled by the Israeli Shin Bet Security Agency, 2015 was the deadliest year for terrorism since 2008. Twenty-eight people were killed in terror attacks on Israel during 2015: two foreigners, one Palestinian, three members of Israeli security services, and twenty-two civilians.

In an effort to reduce the frequency of attacks, the Israeli government announced on March 23, 2016 that they had recently arrested over 1,200 Palestinian workers in Israel without proper permits during March. Israeli police arrested 150 Israeli and Palestinian employers for not posessing proper permits to employ the Palestinians as well.

The IDF reported a significant decrease in the number of attacks in March 2016, evidence of simmering tensions following months of anxiety. During March 2016 there were a total of 6 terrorism incidents including shootings, stabbings, and vehicular attacks, compared with 56 incidents in February, 45 in January, and 40 in December.

Below you can find a list of all terror attacks perpetuated during these “days of rage.”

September 13, Jerusalem: Rock attack at a car, on Erev Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year), resulted in death of driver, Alexander Levlovitz. Four Palestinian youths arrested.

October 1, Nablus: Near Nablus in Samaria: Rabbi Eitam Henkin (31) and wife Naama (30) murdered in a drive-by shooting while traveling with their four young children (aged 9, 7, 4, and 4 months). Security forces arrested members of Hamas cell responsible.

October 3, Jerusalem: Two killed in stabbing attack near Lion’s Gate. Aharon Banita-Bennet (22) was stabbed to death on the way to the Western Wall in the Old City on Saturday evening with his wife and two young children. His wife and two-year-old son were wounded. Rabbi Nehemia Lavi (father of seven), who came to the aid of the Banita-Bennett family, was attacked and stabbed to death. Police shot and killed the attacker.

October 4, Jerusalem: Moshe Malka (15) was stabbed and wounded (near light rail stop) on his way to prayers at the Western Wall. Terrorist was shot dead by security forces.

October 7: Petach Tikva: Knife attack at shopping mall wounded one man. The knife broke, preventing further victims. Bystanders apprehended the terrorist.

Gush Etzion: Judea, south of Jerusalem – woman (38), driving from her home in Tekoa, was attacked by Arabs, who threw rocks at her and tried to drag her from her car. Lightly wounded, she succeeded in closing the car door and escaped.

Jerusalem: Palestinian woman (18) stabbed 36-year-old Jewish man at Lion’s Gate of the Old City. The victim, moderately wounded, shot and wounded the terrorist.

Kiryat Gat: (southeast of Tel Aviv) – terrorist stabbed an IDF soldier and snatched his gun, then ran into a nearby apartment, where a woman was just returning home. She fought with him and managed to flee. The terrorist was killed by police.

October 8, Tel Aviv: Female soldier and three others stabbed. Terrorist was shot and killed.

Jerusalem: Yeshiva student (25) was seriously injured and another man lightly injured in stabbing attack near the light rail. Terrorist (age 19) arrested.

Kiryat Arba (Jewish town near Hebron, south of Jerusalem): Man (31) seriously wounded in stabbing attack. Victim evacuated to Jerusalem hospital. Terrorist escaped.

Afula (town in Galilee): Soldier stabbed by Arab (20, from Jenin in West Bank), who was apprehended by bystanders and held for police. The soldier was taken to hospital in moderate-to-serious condition.

October 9, Samaria, northwest of Jerusalem: Five Israelis, three of them children, were lightly wounded by rocks thrown at their vehicle.

 Jerusalem (Shmuel HaNavi St.): Jewish boy (16) was beaten and stabbed and lightly injured. Attacker (18, from Hebron in West Bank) was later apprehended by police.

Kiryat Arba: Terrorist stabbed a police officer (47) and tried to grab his gun. Other officers shot him.

Afula: Female terrorist tried to stab a security guard at the Central Bus Station. She was shot and wounded.

October 10, Jerusalem: (Sabbath morning) Arab (16) stabbed two Jewish men in their 60s near Damascus Gate, leaving them moderately and lightly wounded, respectively. The terrorist then attacked Border Police officers, who shot and killed him.

Jerusalem (near Damascus Gate): Palestinian (19, from Shuafat) stabbed two police officers. Nearby police shot and killed him, and accidently wounded a third officer. Officers in serious-to-moderate condition.

Jerusalem (Shmuel HaNavi St.): Bus driver lightly injured by stones thrown at the bus.

Gush Etzion (south of Jerusalem): Woman (53) lightly injured by broken glass when stones were thrown at her car.

October 11, Maaleh Adumim-Jerusalem highway: Police officer lightly injured when he pulled over a driver acting suspiciously, and the (female) driver set off an explosive device.  Gas canisters were found in the car. The terrorist was seriously wounded.

Northern Israel, between Hadera and Afula): Four injured at bus station in a combined ramming/stabbing attack. Female soldier (19) in serious condition (as of 13 Oct still critical); girl (turned 15 that day) in moderate condition; two men (45, 20) in light condition. Terrorist first rammed his car into two of the victims, then got out and started stabbing. The terrorist (20, from Umm el Fahm in northern Israel) was apprehended with the help of bystanders.

October 12, Jerusalem: Stabbing attack foiled at Lion’s Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City. Terrorist (18, from eastern Jerusalem) was shot and killed.

Jerusalem (Ammunition Hill, northern Jerusalem): Border policeman was stabbed and lightly injured by a female terrorist (16). The officer managed to shoot and stop her, and she was evacuated to hospital.

Jerusalem (Pisgat Zeev in northern Jerusalem): Two terrorists (ages 13 and 17) stabbed and seriously wounded a man (25) and a boy (13) riding his bicycle. Police shot and killed one terrorist and apprehended the second. The second perpetrator, identified as 13 year old Ahmed Manasra, recovered in an Israeli hospital and confessed to the attack and his motives.

Jerusalem: near bridge at entrance to city, 8:30 pm: Terrorist (22) on bus stabbed a soldier (19) and tried to grab his gun. After a struggle, the terrorist was shot and killed by a police officer.

October 13, Ra’anana (center of country, northeast of Tel Aviv): Two stabbing attacks in the morning, an hour apart: The first at a bus stop in the center of town, in which a man (32) suffered light wounds; the attacker (22, from eastern Jerusalem) was subdued by passers-by and held until the police arrived. The second attack resulted in one seriously wounded and three lightly wounded; the terrorist (a construction worker at nearby Beit Levinstein) was arrested.

Jerusalem: Shooting and stabbing attack on bus in southern Jerusalem neighborhood (Armon Hanatziv). Two (ages 60 & 45) killed, 15 wounded, several seriously. Police shot and killed one of the 2 terrorist perpetrators and apprehended the second (both from Jabel Muqaber). One of the injured victims (76 year old Richard Lakin) died of his wounds two weeks later.

Jerusalem: Ramming-stabbing attack at a bus stop not far from the Central Bus Station. One killed, several injured. The perpetrator, a resident of eastern Jerusalem (Jabel Muqaber), was an employee of Bezeq, Israel’s main telephone service provider.

October 14, Jerusalem (Central Bus Station): A 50-year old Israeli woman was injured in a stabbing attack at the Jerusalem Center Bus Station as she was boarding a bus. The assailant, identified as 23 year old Ahmed Shaaban, was shot and killed after he attempted to attack security officers who arrived on scene.

Jerusalem (Old City Damascus Gate): 19 year old Bassel Sader attempted to stab multiple Israeli security officers after they approached him, but was shot and killed as he ran at members of the Israeli security forces brandishing a knife. Bystanders were injured by gunfire.

October 16, Nablus (Joseph's Tomb): Approximately 100 Palestinians descended on Joseph's Tomb, throwing molotov cocktails and lighting part of the complex ablaze. A Palestinian dressed in false "press" gear stabbed an Israeli security officer, was shot and taken into custody.

October 17, Hebron: An Israeli member of the IDF Givati brigades was lightly wounded in a stabbing attack by a knife-wielding Palestinian on October 17, 2015. The attacker was shot by Israeli security forces on the scene, and was taken to an Israeli hospital in critical condition.

Armon Hanatziv: A 16 year old Palestinian assailant came at an Israeli security officer with a knife, and was shot and killed. The security officer was stabbed in the hand, and was taken to a hospital with minor injuries.

Hebron: A Palestinian woman approached an Israeli border-patrol checkpoint and tried to stab an IDF officer. The officer was lightly injured in the ensuing struggle, and the terrorist was killed.

Qalandiya refugee district: A Palestinian man tried to stab Israeli officers at a security checkpoint. After being apprehended the assailant pulled another hidden knife and attempted to stab the officers who were searching him. He was shot dead on the scene.

October 18, Beersheva: 21 year old Palestinian assailant Muhanad Alukabi took the rifle of 19 year old Israeli soldier Omri Levy, and killed him with it. He opened fire in a crowded bus station with the rifle, and injured 11 other people. An Eritrean immigrant was shot by an Israeli security guard and beaten to death by an Israeli mob, suspected of being a second attacker.

Nablus (Joseph's Tomb): Thirty Israeli Yeshiva students were attacked by Palestinians and PA security forces as they entered Nablus in an attempt to repair the damage done to Joseph's Tomb by Palestinian rioters during the previous week.

October 20, West Bank (Hebron Hills): An Israeli soldier was stabbed and lightly wounded by a Palestinian terrorist, who was then apprehended by Israeli security forces after being shot on the scene.

Hebron (Fawwar): 50 year old Israeli citizen Avraham Asher Hasano was driving in Fawwar, south of Hebron, when Palestinians began pelting his car with stones and he was unable to drive. He exited his vehicle to inspect the damage done and was hit by a truck and killed. The truck driver turned himself into police.

Gush Etzion: A terrorist attempted to ram a group of Israelis standing at a bus stop, but hit the concrete barriers with his car instead. After getting out of the vehicle he wounded an IDF soldier and an Israeli civilian before being shot dead by Israeli security forces.

Hebron: Two Palestinians were shot and killed after they attacked Israeli soldiers with knives. The soldiers were lightly wounded.

October 21, West Bank (Silwad): A Palestinian was driving and deliberately ran into an Israeli police officer at a security checkpoint in Ofra, wounding the officer as well as three other individuals standing with him. He then drove away and eventually was captured after he fled on foot to Silwad.

West Bank (Geva Benyamin): A 19 year old female Israeli soldier was stabbed in the neck in an attack by two knife-wielding Palestinians. One of the perpetrators was shot on site and died, and the other was apprehended calmly.

Yitzhar (Nablus): A 15 year old Palestinian girl attempted to enter the Israeli settlement of Yitzhar with a knife, and was shot when she brandished the knife at Israeli security forces. She was taken to an Israeli hospital to recover.

West Bank (Beit Omar): Palestinian youths were throwing rocks at an IDF vehicle as it drove past on route 60, and six soldiers stepped out of the vehicle to approach the rock throwers as backup arrived at the scene. After they exited the car, a Palestinian driving well above the speed limit rammed his car into the group of Israeli soldiers, running over and seriously injuring five of them. A sixth soldier who was unharmed in the ramming attack shot the terrorist as they drove away.

October 22, Beit Shemesh: Two Palestinian 20-somethings randomly stabbed an 18 year old Israeli, and were shot. One was taken to an Israeli hospital and one died on the scene. One of the perpetrators was a member of Hamas, and both of them were wearing shirts bearing the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades insignia. The attackers originally attempted to board a bus full of children, but the driver thought they looked suspicious and did not let them on the bus.

Hebron: Two Palestinian attackers attempted to stab an IDF soldier in a suburb of Hebron. The soldier was able to push the assailants back and fired his weapon in the air, scaring off the potential attackers. Nobody was hurt in the attack.

October 23, Gush Etzion: An IDF soldier was stabbed in the back by a Palestinian, who was then promptly shot in the leg and taken into custody. Both the victim and the perpetrator were taken to Israeli hospitals and treated for their wounds.

Hebron: A Palestinian woman approached a group of Israeli security officers and pulled out a knife, she was subdued by police.

West Bank (Beit El): A four-year old girl was badly injured and the rest of her family mildly, when a firebomb was thrown at their moving vehicle. The little girl sustained burns to 35% of her body.

October 25, Gush Etzion: Palestinian teens were throwing large rocks at vehicles near the settlement of Metzad. An Israeli driver of one of the vehicles stepped out of his car to inspect the damage done and conftront the rock-throwers, and was stabbed in the chest.

West Bank (Ariel): A 25-year old Jewish man was found sitting near the entrance to the city of Ariel by Israeli security forces with mutliple stab wounds to his upper body. A suspect was later arrested.

Hebron: A 17-year old Palestinian girl was shot and killed when she attempted to stab Jewish security officers at the Cave of the Patriarchs

October 26, Kiryat Arba: A 19-year-old IDF soldier was stabbed in the neck multiple times by a female Palestinian terrorist on October 26, 2015. The perpetrator of the attack was then shot and killed as she attempted to flee the scene.

October 27, Gush Etzion: An Israeli soldier was stabbed in the head by two attackers, who were shot and killed as they attempted to flee the scene.

October 28, Gush Etzion: A 40-year old Israeli woman was stabbed in her upper body by a Palestinian as she was walking to her car in a supermarket parking lot. The victim was lightly injured, and the attacker originally managed to escape but was later apprehended.

Kiryat Arba: A Palestinian man pulled a knife on a group of Israeli soldiers at a security checkpoint, he was shot and killed. This attempted attack happened at the same security checkpoint that a Palestinian woman stabbed an Israeli soldier at three days prior.

October 29, Hebron: A Palestinian assailant stabbed an Israeli security officer in the head, lightly injuring him. The officer was able to recover quickly and chase the attacker, and the attacker was shot and killed by other soldiers standing nearby.

Hebron: A knife-wielding Palestinian tried to stab an Israeli, was subsequently shot and killed.

October 29, Ammunition Hill: A Palestinian man stabbed and badly wounded a U.S. citizen in Jerusalem on October 29, and tried to stab another bystander when Israeli security forces shot the man. A stray bullet hit an Israeli, and both of the injured were treated at Israeli hospitals.

Tapuah Junction: Two Palestinian men tried to attack a group of Israeli border policemen with knives, but were shot and killed before they injured anyone.

October 31, West Bank: A Palestinian man ran at Israeli security officers brandishing a knife, after he did not stop when asked they opened fire and killed him.

Gilboa Crossing: A Palestinian man hid behind a taxi and then attacked Defense Ministry gaurds at a security checkpoint. The attacker ran at the security personnel with a knife, and was shot and killed.

November 1, Kiryat Arba: Three Israeli border police officers were injured in a car-ramming attack in Kiryat Arba, the attacker drove away but later turned himself in claiming it was an accident.

Beit Anun: A Palestinian assailant attempted to stab IDF soldiers neat Beit Anun, he was shot and killed. No injuries were reported.

November 2, Rishon Lezion: A 19-year old Palestinian man from Hebron stabbed a 40-year old Israeli from behind on a bus, then ran off the bus and across the street where he stabbed a woman in her 80's, and a 26-year old man. He lightly injured two other people before he was cornered into a beauty supply store by a crowd and apprehended by police.

Netanya: A 71-year old man was stabbed multiple times and seriously wounded by a Palestinian, who allegedly walked up and stabbed the random victim in the street.

November 4, Hebron: An Israeli security officer was hit by a car driven by a Palestinian, who was then shot at the scene. The 19-year old security officer was seriously injured after the Palestinian man purposefully rammed into him, and was taken to a local hospital. The victim, 19-year old Staff Seargent Benjamin Yaakovovich, died of his wounds four days later.

November 5, Gush Etzion: A Palestinian man approached a group of Israeli soldiers and confronted them brandishing a knife. As the terrorist ran towards the Israeli soldiers they opened fire and killed him.

November 6, Hebron (Cave of the Patriarchs): Two teens (16 and 18) were hit by gunfire by Palestinian terrorists while exiting the Cave of the Patriarchs in a prayer group. The 16 year old was seriously injured and was taken to a hospital.

West Bank: An Israeli man in his 40's was stabbed by a Palestinian terrorist who then fled the scene and was not caught.

Hebron: An elderly Palestinian woman attempted to ram her car into a group of Israeli soldiers in Hebron, but was shot and stopped before she hit them.

Hebron: An Israeli security officer was shot in the head by a Palestinian terrorist, who fled the scene but was later captured. The victim was seriously wounded and was brought to a hospital following the attack.

November 8, Tapuah Junction: A Palestinian individual accelerated at a high rate of speed and slammed his car into a group of people waiting at a hitchhiking station, then drove into a concrete barrier and was killed by Israeli security forces on the scene. Four Israelis were injured in the attack, including a pregnant woman and two individuals in their early 20's.

Beitar Illit: A Palestinian woman approached an Israeli security officer and began a conversation, then reached into her bag, pulled out a knife, and attempted to stab the officer. This incident was all caught on video, which you can see below.


Nabi Ilyas: An Israeli was attacked randomly while shopping at shop stalls in Nabi Ilyas. The attacker was apprehended on the scene.

November 10, Jerusalem: Two Palestinian youths, aged 12 and 13, stabbed an Israeli security guard in Jerusalem. One of them was shot, and the other was apprehended.

Damascus Gate: An attacker ran at Israeli border security guards brandishing a knife, and was shot and badly wounded before he could attack his intended victims.

East Jerusalem (Abu Dis): An assailant attempted to stab an Israeli border police officer, but was shot and killed on site.

November 13, Hebron: An Israeli father and his 18-year old son were killed after two Palestinians opened-fire into their vehicle as they were driving. The mother of the family was shot as well but lightly wounded, a second son was slightly injured, and the family's three daughters who had been riding in the back were unharmed. Allegedly the first ambulance to arrive on scene was a Palestinian Red Crescent ambulance, and after the driver realized that the victims were Jews the ambulance drove away.

November 17, West Bank (Binyamin): Three Palestinians opened fire on IDF troops doing a routine security check, the soldiers returned fire and killed one of the shooters. The other two were taken into custody and treated for their wounds at Israeli hospitals. The soldiers were not injured.

November 18, Hebron (Cave of the Patriarchs): A 16-year old Palestinian boy was arrested after attempting to stab Israeli soldiers standing in a group near the Cave of the Patriarchs. Security forces called on the attacker to stop, as he was walking toward them holding a knife, and he refused.

November 19, Tel Aviv: Two Israeli Jews were stabbed to death and two seriously injured by a 39-year old Palestinian from the West Bank, who was apprehended at the scene and taken to an Israeli hospital with minor injuries. The stabbing attack took place at the entrance to the synagogue next to the Panorama office building in Southern Tel Aviv, as afternoon prayers were going on.

Hebron: An IDF soldier was wounded when a Palestinian threw a homemade explosive device at the checkpoint he was guarding.

Gush Etzion: A Palestinian terrorist opened fire on cars stuck in a traffic jam in Gush Etzion, killing an Israeli, an American tourist, and a Palestinian, and wounding seven others. Five of the wounded were American Yeshiva students. After the shooting the terrorist sped off in a car but rammed into another car, attempted to flee on foot, and was then arrested by Israeli security forces. The American victim was identified later in the day as 18-year old Ezra Schwartz, from Massachusetts.

November 21, Kiryat Gat: An 18-year old Palestinian man stabbed and injured four Israelis including a 13-year old girl, on November 21, 2015. The attacker was located and arrested after a manhunt lasting several hours.

November 22, Gush Etzion: A 21-year old Israeli woman, Hadar Buchris, was stabbed at a bus stop in Gush Etzion. She was brought to a local hospital in critical condition but died of her wounds soon after her arrival. Israeli security forces shot and killed the assailant.

Kfar Adumim: An Israeli man was lightly wounded in a stabbing attack, the assailant was shot by police after attempting to stab others.

Hawara: A Palestinian woman tried to stab an Israeli at a bus stop in the settlement village of Hawara, but was run over and killed by a witness to the altercation.

Mishor Adumim: A Palestinian taxi driver rammed into an Israeli vehicle, then exited his taxi and stabbed two Israelis who approached him. He was shot and killed on the scene.

November 23, Jerusalem: Two female Palestinian teens stabbed a man in his 70's with scissors near the popular Mahne Yehuda market in Jerusalem. The two attackers were shot as they moved towards an Israeli security officer waving the stabbing implement, one died of her wounds on the scene and one was treated at an Israeli hospital. It was reported after the attack that the victim was a Palestinian, and the attackers had mistaken him for an Israeli.

Modiin: An 18-year old Israeli soldier was stabbed to death at a gas station by a Palestinian, in an attack that left two others lightly wounded and the assailant dead. The victim had sustained severe abdominal stab wounds and was pronounced dead by paramedics.

Hawara: A Palestinian armed with a knife was shot and killed as he walked towards Israeli security forces threatening them with the blade.

November 24, Tapuah Junction: A Palestinian man rammed his car into a border patrol officer, two IDF soldiers, and a Lt Colonel standing together at a checkpoint on Tuesday, November 24. The four Israelis were lightly wounded, one sustained a head injury. The attacker was shot and seriously wounded, but was evacuated to an Israeli hospital and treated.

November 25, Hebron: A Palestinian assailant was shot and killed by Israeli security forces after stabbing an Israeli soldier near a Hebron junction.

November 26, Tapuach Junction: A Palestinian man attempted to stab soldiers standing in a group at the Tapuach Junction. The man pulled over and got out of his vehicle waving a knife, and was killed after he began running at the troops.

November 27, Ma'ale Adumim: A Palestinian man injured two Israeli soldiers when he tried to run them over. He was shot and killed by an armed civilian at the scene. The attacker was a brother of an individual who carried out a stabbing attack on the previous Sunday.

Beit Umar (Gush Etzion): Five IDF soldiers were injured in a vehicular attack. A Palestinian man rammed his car into a group of soldiers at the Beit Umar junction, and the injured were treated at Jerusalem hospitals.

November 29, Jerusalem: An Nepalese woman was stabbed and lightly wounded by a Palestinian terrorist while waiting at a bus stop in Jerusalem. The woman was stabbed in the back by the attacker, who attempted to flee the scene but was caught by security personnel.

Damascus Gate: A Palestinian man stabbed an Israeli border security officer at the Damascus gate, he was immediately apprehended. The attacker ran towards the security gate shouting “Allahu Akbar,” and waving a knife wildly.

December 1, Gush Etzion: A Palestinian assailant was shot dead after stabbing an Israeli man and threatening police with the weapon. The injured Israeli suffered a wound to his hand and was taken to a hospital.

Jerusalem: An Israeli man sustained multiple stab wounds to his upper body by an unknown attacker, and was treated on scene.

Einav: A Palestinian woman tried to stab an IDF border police officer, but was shot before she could hurt anyone. She later died of her wounds in an Israeli hospital.

December 3, Jerusalem: An Israeli police officer was lightly wounded in a stabbing attack on Thursday December 3, 2015. The Palestinian assailant was shot and killed immediately following the stabbing, and a Palestinian bystander was hit by a stray bullet.

Hizme: A Palestinian attacker was shot and killed after attempting to shoot an IDF soldier at the Hizme checkpoint near Jerusalem. The attacker exited his vehicle and opened fire, hitting a bystander and the IDF soldier.

Hebron: An Israeli soldier was injured in a stabbing attack near Hebron, two attackers were shot dead on the scene.

December 6, Romema: A Palestinian assailant rammed his car into two Israeli pedestrians, then got out of his vehicle and stabbed a bystander. The attacker was shot and killed by a police officer at the scene.

December 7, Hebron: A 40-year old Israeli man was injured in a stabbing attack near the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron. The attacker was shot and killed by police witnesses. The victim, identified as Genadi Kofman, died of his wounds three weeks later, on December 30.

December 9, Samaria: A Jewish Israeli man and his wife were seriously injured when their car was hit by 23 bullets in a drive-by shooting attack. The suspected attackers fled the scene.

Hebron: A Palestinian individual stabbed a soldier and a civilian at a security checkpoint near Hebron. The attacker was shot and killed, both victims were only mildly wounded.

December 10, Beit Arye: A Palestinian terrorist rammed his car into a group of Israeli soldiers on December 10, moderately injuring four of them. The attacker was able to flee the scene in the vehicle, and the vehicle was found later that night with one of the soldier's guns in the passenger seat.

December 11, Halhoul: A Palestinian attempted to run over multiple IDF soldiers at a checkpoint. The attacker was shot and killed on site.

Gilboa: Palestinians committed a drive-by shooting against a group of Israeli soldiers, no injuries were reported. The attackers were shot by IDF forces and apprehended later in the day.

December 13, Kiryat Arba: A Palestinian woman tried to stab civilians, and was apprehended by security forces.

December 14, Jerusalem: Eleven people were wounded, including an infant, when a Palestinian individual rammed his car into a group of people near an entrance to Jerusalem. The driver was shot and taken into custody.

December 15, Modi'in: An 39-year old Arab construction worker attacked his Israeli site manager and two of his peers with tools at a construction site in Modi'in. The victims were seriously injured, and the other workers on site were able to subdue the attacker until police arrived.

December 16, Qalandiyah Refugee Camp: A Palestinian attempted to ram a group of Israeli security officers with his car, but was shot and killed as he was driving towards them. The Israeli forces were wounded by friendly fire.

Qalandiyah Refugee Camp: In the second attack of the day at the Qalandiyah Refugee Camp, a Palestinian man attempted a car-ramming attack against a group of Israeli soldiers, but was shot and killed.

December 18, Qalandiyah Crossing: A Palestinian man tried to run down Israeli security officers with his vehicle, but he was shot before the vehicle reached it's intended targets.

December 19, Raanana: A Palestinian man approached a couple sitting at a park bench and began stabbing them, and then made his way towards a local synagogue. After he was not able to gain entry, he stabbed a random passer-by and made his way down the block, eventually breaking into a home and stabbing a female occupant. After the homeowner was able to push the assailant outside, security forces arrived and took him into custody.

December 20, Hebron: A Palestinian man tried to stab Israeli soldiers, and was apprehended on the scene.

December 23, Jaffa Gate: 45 year old Rabbi Rueven Birmajer was stabbed and killed by a Palestinian assailant outside Jaffa Gate, a bystander was hit and killed by a stray bullet as Israeli security forces attempted to subdue the attacker. The attacker was shot and killed on scene.

December 24, Hebron: A Palestinian man tried to stab Israeli soldiers, and was shot on scene.

Ariel: Two Israeli security guards were stabbed by a Palestinian assailant in an industrial park. The attacker was shot and killed.

December 25, Bethlehem: Palestinian youth threw rocks at the vehicles of religious leaders as they arrived and left Bethlehem.

Silwad: A Palestinian attempted to kill Israelis in a car-ramming attack, but was unsuccessful and apprehended on scene.

December 26, Hawara Checkpoint: An Israeli soldier was injured in a car-ramming attack, the attacker was shot and apprehended, and died at an Israeli hospital.

Jerusalem: Israeli civilians alerted nearby security guards to a suspicious individual, who pulled out a large knife and tried to attack them when they approached. The attacker was shot and killed.

December 27, Hawara: Two Palestinians attacked an Israeli soldier, lightly injuring him. They were shot and killed on scene, and another Israeli soldier was injured in the cross-fire.

Jerusalem: An IDF soldier was stabbed by a Palestinian, who was then apprehended and taken into custody.

December 31, Samaria: An Israeli soldier was injured in a car-ramming attack, the Palestinian driver was shot and killed.

January 1, Tel Aviv: At a New Years celebration at a local pub an Arab-Israeli opened fire, killing two individuals (including the pub's manager), and injuring eight. The suspect was located and killed in a shootout on January 8, 2016.

January 2, Gush Etzion: Palestinians shoot at passing cars, injuring an Arab-Israeli.

January 3, Jerusalem: A Palestinian man attempted to stab an Israeli soldier but the knife did not penetrate, the attacker fled but was caught soon after.

Hebron: An Israeli security officer is lightly injured by a Palestinian during a security check.

Hebron: Female IDF soldier wounded by sniper fire.

January 4, Jerusalem: A Palestinian man stabbed a random Israeli on the street near the Israel Police Headquarters. The assailant attempted to flee but was shot and brought to an Israeli hospital to be treated.

January 5, Gush Etzion: An IDF soldier is lightly wounded in a stabbing attack, the assailant was shot and killed on scene.

January 6, Hebron: A Palestinian man was shot and killed at a security checkpoint after trying to stab multiple Israeli soldiers.

Gush Etzion: A group of three Palestinians attacked a large group of IDF soldiers with knives at the Gush Etzion checkpoint, all three were shot and killed.

January 9, Nablus: Two Palestinian men were shot and killed after they tried to stab Israeli soldiers at the Beqoat checkpoint. The attackers approached the checkpoint in a car from the Palestinian side, and immediately attacked soldiers stationed at the checkpoint upon arriving.

January 14, Nablus: A Palestinian threw an object at an Israeli military vehicle as it was driving. The IDF soldiers exited the vehicle and they thrower approached them and attempted to stab them with a broken glass bottle and a knife. The assailant managed to injure one of the soldiers, but he was shot and killed on scene.

Beit Einoun: A young Palestinian man tried to stab a soldier and was shot and killed.

January 15, Nebi Salakh: An Israeli policeman is injured at a demonstration where Palestinians were throwing rocks, tires, and molotov cocktails.

January 17, Otniel: Dafna Meir, an Israeli mother of six was attacked outside of her home by a Palestinian terrorist wielding a knife. The attacker approached from behind and stabbed Meir in the back of the head, and a struggle ensued eventually leading into Meir's home. She was killed by the attacker in her kitchen, but none of her children were harmed. The 16-year old assailant fled the scene, but was arrested two days later and charged with murder.

Samaria: A Palestinian attempted to stab Israeli civilians on the street, and was shot and killed by Israeli security forces.

January 18, Tekoa: A 15-year old Palestinian boy stabbed and attacked a 30-year old pregnant Israeli woman outside of a clothing store. The attacker was apprehended after being shot by Israeli security forces.

January 25, Beit Horon: Two Israeli women were stabbed while walking outside of a market in their village. After attacking the women the terrorists, aged 17 and 23, tried to enter the market but were stopped by employees who used shopping carts to block the market entrance. The terrorists were also carrying homemade pipe-bombs and other explosive devices at the time of the attack. One of the victims, 24-year old Shlomit Krigman, died of her wounds the following morning.

January 27, Givat Ze'ev: An Israeli man was seriously injured by a Palestinian outside of a gas station in the settlement of Givat Ze'ev. The Palestinian stabbed the Israeli and then fled, but was subdued by civilians who held him there until police arrived. The victim was taken to Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem.

January 30, Damascus Gate: A 17-year old recent immigrant from the United States was stabbed while returning from the Western Wall. A 16-year old Palestinian turned himself into police and confessed to the crime.

January 31, Beit El: A man later identified as 34-year old Palestinian police officer Amjed Abu Amar opened fire near the Beit El checkpoint, seriously injuring three Israeli soldiers. In response to this attack, Israeli security forces closed the Ramallah border crossing the following day, only allowing residents of other cities out and emergency supplies in.

Route 443: A Palestinian man attempted to burst through a security gate and ram Israeli soldiers standing at the checkpoint. The Palestinian man was apprehended on scene and taken to an Israeli hospital.

February 1, Sal'it: A Palestinian tried to stab an Israeli soldier, was shot on scene and brought to an Israeli hospital.

February 3, Damascus Gate: Three terrorists armed with knives, guns, and explosives, attacked a group of IDF soldiers at the Damascus Gate after the soldiers approached them. Three people including two Israeli police officers were seriously injured. 19-year old Israeli officer Hadar Cohen died of her wounds later in the day. The attackers were shot dead on scene by arriving Israeli security forces. The number and scale of the weapons recovered from the attackers made it clear that they were planning a more devastating attack, and the Israeli soldiers sacrificed themselves to protect civilians. Israeli police officers referred to this attack as an escalation, and a turning point, from the types of attacks that they had seen over the previous months. All of the attackers had family members associated with Fatah.

February 4, Ramle Central Bus Station: Two 13-year old Israeli Arab girls attacked and lightly wounded a security gaurd at the Ramle Central Bus Station. One of the young attackers was wearing her school backpack, which upon inspection was full of school papers, a calculator, juice boxes, and two additional knives. Both attackers are citizens of Israel, and were arrested on scene. \

February 6, Rahat: A 65-year old Israeli woman was stabbed by a Palestinian terrorist and seriously injured. The perpetrator managed to escape.

February 9, Gush Etzion: A Palestinian stabbed an Israeli who was jogging and moderately wounded him. Several suspects were arrested, after the attacker fled into a nearby village.

February 13, Hebron: A Palestinian woman stabbed an Israeli soldier near the Tomb of the Patriarchs, and then stabbed a Palestinian man who tried to stop her. Both victims sustained mild injuries, and the attacker was shot and killed by Israeli security forces arriving on scene.

February 14, Hinanit: Two Palestinian teenagers fired shots at an IDF patrol, the attackers were shot and killed. A gun and a knife were found on their person.

Mazmoriya Checkpoint: A Palestinian attacker was shot and killed as he ran towards Israeli security forces at the Mazmoriya Checkpoint wielding a knife.

Jerusalem: Two Palestinian men carrying suspiscious looking bags at Damascus Gate were approached by Israeli soldiers and instructed to stop. The men pulled out automatic rifles from their bags, and were shot and killed by the Israeli soldiers. One of the attackers was a member of the Palestinian Authority security forces.

Hebron: A Palestinian woman attempted to carry out a stabbing attack against an Israeli soldier near the Cave of the Patriarchs, she was shot and seriously injured.

February 15, Jerusalem: A young Palestinian woman aroused suspiscion from Israeli security forces, who approached her. She drew a knife and attempted to stab the soldiers, but was apprehended. A second knife was found in her posession.

Damascus Gate: A young Palestinian boy was arrested and a knife was found up his sleeve. He admitted his intention was to attack Israelis.

February 18, Sha'ar Binyamin: Two teenage Palestinian boys entered a supermarket and stabbed two Israelis, before being apprehended and shot by other customers in the store. One of the victims, an off duty IDF soldier holding U.S. citizenship 21-year old Sergeant Tuvia Yanai Weissman, was killed.

February 19, Damascus Gate: Two Israeli border policemen were stabbed and lightly injured by a Palestinian assailant, who was then shot and killed.

Silwad: A Palestinian tried to run down Israeli soldiers with his car, but was unsuccessful. He was shot and died of his wounds.

February 20, Jerusalem: IDF officers noticed a suspiscious young man near Damascus gate, they approached and he drew a knife and attacked the soldiers. With the aid of a police dog, the Palestinian attacker was subdued.

February 21, Nablus: A 16-year old Palestinian was shot and killed after attempting to stab an IDF soldier.

Hebron: A 14-year old Palestinian was arrested after trying to stab an IDF soldier.

February 24, Gush Etzion: A Palestinian man attempted to stab IDF reserve Major Eilav Gelman and failed, nearby Israeli security forces saw the incident and responded by attempting to neutralize the stabber. The security forces accidentally shot the stabbing victim and he succumbed to his wounds on the scene. The attacker was lightly wounded and taken to an Israeli hospital for treatment.

February 26, Maale Adumim: 21-year old Palestinian Saadi Ali Abu Hamed attacked 48-year old Israeli security gaurd Tzvika Cohen with an axe outside of a shopping mall at 1:00am, and then turned himself in two days later. The attacker and victim knew each other, and were both employees at the shopping mall where the attack took place. The stabbing happened after the mall had been closed, and Hamed received special permission from his supervisor to be in the mall after work hours to prepare the shop where he worked for the following morning.

March 2, Eli: Israeli citizen Roi Harel was attacked by two teenage Palestinians wielding wooden sticks and knives as he opened the door to his home on March 2, 2016. The attackers initially shoved their way into Harel's home, but he was able to beat them back and lock the door. The attackers fled the scene and hid nearby. When Israeli security forces came looking for them approximately 30 minutes after the attack, the emerged from their hiding spot and attempted to attack the soldiers, who proceeded to shoot them in self defense. Both attackers died on the scene.

Har Brakha: Two Palestinians attacked two Israeli soldiers, leading to a manhunt. The soldiers were moderately wounded.

Auja: A 14-year old Palestinian girl stabbed a 47-year old Israeli soldier as he was directing traffic in an intersection following a tree collapse. The victim suffered non-life threatening wounds to his shoulders, and the assailant was caught later in the day.

March 4, Gush Etzion: A 34-year old Palestinian mother of four was shot dead after she rammed an Israeli soldier with her car at the Gush Etzion junction in the West Bank. The victim was moderately wounded and taken to a local hospital. A knife was found upon investigation of the vehicle used in the attack.

March 8, Jerusalem: Two Palestinian terrorists fired on a crowded public bus, and then tried to run over, and opened fire on Israeli security forces at Herod's Gate in Jerusalem. The assailants were killed in their vehicle during a shootout with police in which one officer was seriously injured. A sawed-off machine-gun was recovered from the vehicle, which the attackers used to shoot at police.

Jerusalem: A Palestinian woman drew a knife while approaching a security checkpoint and attempted to stab Israeli soldiers. She was shot and killed.

Petah Tikvah: A 40-year old Haredi Jewish man was stabbed by a Palestinian teenager as he entered a store on Baron Hirsch Street. The victim stabbed the attacker to death with his own knife after removing the knife from himself.

Jaffa: A Palestinian attacker began stabbing random Israelis at the entrance to the Jaffa Port, and wounded four people before taking off away from Israeli security gaurds. The attacker continued to stab pedestrians and motorists as he ran down a residential street, seriously injuring three people before being shot and killed by police. One victim stabbed by the attacker died of his wounds in an Israeli hospital soon after the attack.

March 11, Jerusalem: A 29-year old Israeli was stabbed multiple times in his upper body by a Palestinian attacker, who fled the scene and was later detained. The victim suffered minor injuries.

March 14, Kiryat Arba: Two Palestinians stopped the car they were in at a bus station, got out, and began opening fire at Israeli security forces on duty at the station. One soldier was wounded, the assailants were shot and killed.

Kiryat Arba: A Palestinian rammed his car into a bus that was carrying two Israeli soldiers, both of whom were lightly injured. The driver exited the vehicle brandishing a gun, but was shot dead by Israeli security forces.

March 15, Tapuah Junction: Security forces searched the bag of a 17-year old girl and found knives, the potential attacker then admitted that she intended to carry out a terror attack. The security forces were tipped off by the IDF about a girl who had left her home in Jenin that morning with the intention of carrying out an attack.

March 17, Ariel Junction: Two Palestinian assailants attacked a female Israeli soldier as she stepped off a bus at the Ariel Junction. The attackers, aged 19 and 20, stabbed the soldier, and were shot to death by security forces who witnessed the attack.

March 24, Hebron: Two Palestinians were shot and subdued after stabbing an Israeli soldier. One of the attackers was shot in the head and killed by an Israeli soldier after he was shot initially and handcuffed, while laying on the ground. The soldier defended his actions, claiming he saw the terrorist move in a way that made him think he was about to detonate a suicide bomb. The soldier who was stabbed sustained only minor injuries.

March 25, Isawiya: A 15-year old Palestinian girl approached Israeli security gaurds with a knife and began to stab them. The attacker was subdued and arrested.

April 3, Rosh Ha-ayin: A 23-year old Israeli-Arab woman stabbed and lightly wounded a 30-year old Jewish Israeli woman, the perpetrator was taken down by witnesses and arrested when police arrived.

April 14, Al-Aroub refugee camp: A 54-year old Palestinian man attacked an IDF soldier with an axe inside of the refugee camp where he lived. The attacker was shot and killed by nearby Israeli troops, and the victim sustained minor injuries. Earlier in the day two 12-year old boys were arrested in Jerusalem with knives in their coats.

April 18, Jerusalem: A bus bomb exploded in Jerusalem, seriously injuring 20+ people. The attack was classified as a suicide bombing by the Israeli Shin Bet intelligence agency, and is the first bus bombing since the establishment of the Security Fence. The attacker was identified as 19-year old Palestinian Abdel Hamid Abu Srour. He died of his wounds in an Israeli hospital following the attack.

April 27, Qalandiya Checkpoint: Two Palestinians, one female and one male, drew knives at Israeli border policemen and attacked them. The woman threw her knife at the security gaurds. They were shot and killed by other police on scene.

April 29, Beit Horon: Two Palestinian women approached a checkpoint on Route 443 and asked Israeli security gaurds for water and directions. When the soldiers turned their backs to get the things the women requested, the women attempted to stab the soldiers. Soldiers in the area opened fire, wounding one attacker. The other attacker was found hiding nearby, and both were brought to a local hospital and treated for their wounds.

May 3, Jerusalem Old City: A 60-year old ultra-Orthodox man was stabbed in the chest by a Palestinian assailant, who fled the scene. The 18-year old attacker was apprehended after an hours-long manhunt, during which police also found the knife used in the stabbing.

Ramallah: A 36-year old Palestinian man rammed his car into three Israeli soldiers working the Ein Arik roadblock, seriously injuring all three. The driver was shot and killed in his car.

May 10, Jerusalem: Two women in their 80's, one a Holocaust survivor, were stabbed by masked Palestinian assailants as they walked along the Armon Hanatziv promenade in Southern Tel Aviv. The women were together with three other elderly Israelis out for a walk. Two Palestinian suspects were arrested for carrying out the attack the following week.

Hizme: An Israeli security officer was seriously injured after a suspicious object that he was investigating near the Hizme checkpoint detonated. The officer was on patrol when he stopped to investigate the unknown item, which turned out to be an explosive device. Several other small explosive devices were found in the immediate vicinity of the first blast, which were all detonated and unarmed safely. Five explosives in total were discovered at the scene. Two suspects were arrested in connection with the attack on May 15, 2016.

May 16, Jerusalem: A Palestinian lightly wounded a young Israeli Haredi man in a stabbing attack on a busy public street. Police in the area responded to the victim's screams, and the attacker ditched his knife and fled the scene when he saw the Israeli police coming.

May 23, Jerusalem: A Palestinian woman was shot and pronounced dead on scene when paramedics arrived, after she stabbed an Israeli security officer. The officers fired warning shots in the air as the woman approached them, but she continued forward with the knife in hand and was shot.

May 30, Tel Aviv: A 19-year old Israeli soldier was stabbed multiple times in his upper body with a screwdriver by a 17-year old Palestinian assailant. The victim was taken to a local hospital, and the stabber was arrested.

June 3, Nablus: A Palestinian woman approached a military checkpoint in Nablus and attempted to stab a group of soldiers. She was shot dead on the scene, no other injuries were reported.

June 5, Jerusalem: A Palestinian threw a particularly large stone at a bus, injuring the driver and damaging the vehicle.

June 8, Tel Aviv: Two Palestinians dressed in suits carried out a shooting attack at the Max Brenner cafe in the Sarona Market complex. The two were sitting and eating, when the suddenly stood up brandishing machine guns and began shooting. Police killed one attacker and took the other alive to a hospital to recover. Four Israelis were killed and Seventeen injured.

June 17, Jerusalem: Four home-made petrol bombs were flung into an Israeli home, four Palestinians were arrested in connection to the attack.

June 21, Jerusalem: Palestinians were throwing large stones at cars driving on a highway between Jerusalem and Modiin. After a confrontation with Israeli police, one stone-thrower was killed, one was injured, and several were arrested.

June 24, Kiryat Arba: A Palestinian woman rammed her car into another car at a hitchhiking stop, injuring two Israelis. The driver was shot and killed by Israeli security forces on scene.

June 26, Temple Mount: Palestinians threw molotov cocktails and stones at police officers who were at the Temple Mount complex to make sure visits to the site during the Ramadan fast went smoothly. One officer and two guards were injured, and multiple Palestinians arrested.

June 28, Temple Mount: A 73-year old Israeli woman praying at the Temple Mount is hit in the head by a large rock thrown by Palestinian rioters at the al-Aqsa Mosque.

June 30, Kiryat Arba: 13-year old Israeli girl Hallel Yaffa Ariel was stabbed to death in her bed by 19-year old Palestinian Mohammad Tarayreh, who had broken into her home. The attacker was from a nearby village, and climbed the fence into Kiryat Arba before breaking into Ariel's home and locking himself inside, where she was alone. A brigade of local residents, including Ariel's father, realized that the fence had been breached and searched the settlement, eventually finding the attacker who was then killed by security personnel.

Netanya: A 40-year old Ultra-Orthodox Jewish man and a 62-year old woman were stabbed by 46-year-oldĀ Palestinian Wa'il Abu Saleh. The attacker was shot on site and taken into custody, and the victims were treated at a local hospital.

July 1, Tomb of the Patriarchs: A relative of the attacker who on the previous day killed 13-year old Hallel Yaffa Ariel, approached patrol officers with a knife at the Tomb of the Patriarchs and tried to stab one of them. The attacker was shot and subdued, and no other injuries were reported.

July 10, Tekoa: An Israeli man was wounded by gunfire as he was driving near the Tekoa settlement in the West Bank. The man's car was shot at by an assailant, who fled the scene.

July 13, West Bank: Israeli police shot and killed the Palestinian driver of a vehicle as he sped towards them, attempting to ram them with his vehicle. The Israeli police were participating in a raid on a Palestinian weapons manufacturing facility when they saw the speeding car approaching, and sprung into action.

Source: Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Consulate General of Israel - New York
Consulate General of Israel - Atlanta